UW Canadian Association for Global Health (UW CAGH)

We are the University of Waterloo Student Chapter of the Canadian Association for Global Health (UW CAGH). We represent a student-led initiative designed to foster research and networking in global health among University of Waterloo students across all disciplines. Our goal is to engage with students interested in global health research or who may be considering a career in the field of global health, to open opportunities for professional development.

We invite students from all faculties at UW to follow us on instagram (@cagh_uw) and to join our general member email list: https://forms.gle/y6E7WYbu2QCX2Svr6

To learn more about the larger Canadian Association for Global Health, check out this link https://cagh-acsm.org/en .

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  • cagh_uw
  • uwcagh@clubs.wusa.ca
  • https://forms.gle/y6E7WYbu2QCX2Svr6