Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association

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About Us

For over 50 years we've connected students with opportunities outside the classroom to meet like-minded people and grow together.


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Get Involved

Clubs are a great way to connect with peers and expand your personal interests.

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Join a Club

Helps create a balance with between academic life and extra-curricular activities.

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Make New Friends

Meet new people who share your interests, and become more involved in Waterloo Community

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Clubs Support Team

Your Clubs Support Team is a group of 12 undergraduate volunteers who dedicate their spare time to make everything possible. They are available in person or on Facebook Messenger to help with all aspects of running your club, from event forms to best practices to food regulations and club policies.

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What Can WUSA Do For Your Club?

Your Clubs Community Centre is exclusively for clubs who need a space to host meetings and events. Your Clubs Support Team makes sure you aren't slowed down by paperwork. Free lockers allow you to build up resources. Each term, WUSA provides each club with reimbursements up to $75 to put towards their club's activities. Your WUSA Marketing and Communications department hooks you up with free graphic design and marketing support.