Clubs Platform Release Notes

πŸš€ Version 1.1.2 Highlights:

Bug Fixes
  • Cheque request allow inputting names that contain an apotrosphe (').
  • Cheque request bug fix to show the correct request date on the review tab.

πŸš€ Version 1.1.1 Highlights:

Bug Fixes
  • Finding events in the cheque request form just got easier! Now, when you access the event lookup feature, the search field will automatically be in focus, ready for you to start typing right away.
  • We've improved the image viewer for cheque requests! Now, your images will maintain their original proportions instead of being stretched out.
  • We've improved the cheque request form for your convenience! Now, when you enter the price for a cheque request, the field won't automatically default to zero. This means less hassle for you, as you won't need to erase the default value before entering the actual price.

πŸš€ Version 1.1.0 Highlights:

Introducing the Release Notes!

What's This? Starting with version 1.1.0, We're now providing detailed release notes for each update.

Benefits for You: Stay in the know with all the developments and enhancements of the Clubs platform.

Digital Transformation: Cheque Request Process

What We Did? We’ve streamlined the process for requesting club funding.

Why It’s Great: Faster, more convenient club funding requests, reducing paperwork and saving time.

Updated Email Communication

What's Improved? Our emails now showcase the CLUBS logo for instant recognition.

Benefits: Clearly identify and trust official communications from Clubs.

πŸ’Ό Admin Corner in 1.1.0:

New 'User Impersonation' Feature

What's Added? Admins can now experience the platform from a user's perspective.

Why It’s Great: Quicker, more effective support and issue resolution.

Club Activity Monitoring Enhancement

What's Added? Improved tracking of club activity periods for more precise insights.

Benefits: Enhanced understanding and support of club dynamics.

πŸ“Š Admin Interface Refinements:

Event Form Filtering Upgrade

What's Enhanced? Filter capability added for event forms by club name.

Admin Benefit: Enhanced efficiency in organizing and overseeing events.