Hillel Waterloo

Hillel Waterloo strives to inspire every Jewish student in Waterloo to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel. Through promoting Jewish identity, cultivating student leadership and embracing religious and political diversity in an inclusive environment, Hillel Waterloo will enrich the lives of students on campus.

We embody this mission and vision through our on-campus activities which range in content from Israel engagement, education, and advocacy opportunities, to social interactions, to community service and social justice, and to Jewish educational encounters.

In addition to our events, we also strive to connect students with other religious groups in the Waterloo community by running joint events. All of our events are open to Jews and non-Jews alike as well as individuals from all walks of life, all we ask is that they have an interest in what we are doing. All of our events are advertised through our website, Facebook page, email newsletters, as well as in-person interactions.

  • hillel.waterloo.laurier
  • jacob.brickman@hillelontario.org
  • https://hillelontario.org/waterloo/