SOCH Mental Health UW

SOCH Mental Health UW is a chapter of the SOCH Mental Health organization. In Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu, the word SOCH means "to think" or "a thought". The founders of the SOCH Mental Health Organization brought this word to represent their mission as they believe to combat the stigma around mental health, we must change the way our community "thinks" about mental health. The mission of UW SOCH is to empower the community members of our university environment to recognize and accept mental health as an essential part of their well through education, prevention, and building resilience. SOCH will work to bring an open space for mental health conversations in both virtual and in-person settings. With the emphasis on mental health stigma in the South Asian community, SOCH looks forward to supporting the need for culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health conversations across the university campus. SOCH provides workshops rooted in mental health promotion.