Event Planning and Consulations

Having activities throughout the term is one of the most rewarding and enriching aspects about WUSA clubs. Events can facilitate mobilizing new interest in clubs, build strong social bonds amongst club members, as well as enhancing the diversity and community of the University of Waterloo.

Events can range from regular club meetings, sponsoring guest lecturers, fundraisers, and even large social gatherings depending on the interests and resources of each club. Events can be held on or off campus. If your club has an idea for an event, but needs help in developing the idea, consult the Clubs Manager.

The clubs team can help make sure your event follows University policies for higher risk events that require insurance, or handle food and alcohol. Please see the clubs manual or the clubs manager for any questions.

Event Sales and Ticketing

Approved online ticketing providers and/or physical event tickets must be used in any case where a fee is charged as part of a club event (i.e. admission, food booths, etc.).

The choice of what type of approved ticketing system to use is up to the club.

Online Tickets

Depending on the event, online ticketing through wusa.ca may be ideal over physical ticketing. To have a page set-up on wusa.ca for your club, please indicate this through your Event Form submission or by emailing the Clubs Manager through the event form submission thread for approvals. Un-approved online ticket sales will not be processed.

Clubs are able to track event sales, ask questionnaires during ticket purchase to gain more insight for event preparations (i.e. dietary restrictions, team names, etc.).


Ticket Sales During The Event

A link to the wusa.ca page will be provided to your club once it is set up. Tickets can be set up for certain times and are fairly customizable. Pre-sales, coupon codes, dynamic pricing, capacity etc. Must all be indicated in your request BEFORE ticket sales start. After ticket sales begin, there are limited changes we can make to the ticket.