Marketing Support

WUSA Marketing offers the following services to clubs free of charge:

How to access WUSA's Marketing Services?

  1. Log into:
  2. Click “Club Memberships” -> click club name -> requests -> Marketing


Do not hesitate to take advantage of the WUSA' Marketing Department for all your advertising needs—they can provide a number of services from design work (which is free) to printing (at discounted rates). You may submit your request by submitting a marketing request at

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for design request and 1 business day for printing.

More details are available on the WUSA website (

Clubs Logo

All promotional material (ie. posters, club cards, websites, etc.) should contain the WUSA Clubs Logo, otherwise they will not be approved. A digital version of the logo has been provided on the website to help clubs when creating promotional materials.

The logos should not be edited or changed in any way or form.


Posters are one of the most effective ways to inform the student body about events a club is conducting. Clubs are free to create advertisements at their own discretion, so long as they follow these few steps along the way:

Unless otherwise approved by the Clubs Manager and/or the appropriate facility personnel, club posters are only allowed:

  1. On Wusa poster boards if booked in advance through the poster run by contacting Reception (
  2. Society boards or Faculty Department approved areas (with specific approval from the respective society or department).
  3. Boards in the SLC (with specific approval from the Turnkey Desk)
  4. The Clubs Community Center (by dropping one off with the Clubs Support Team)
  5. Designated outdoor poster stands (the red roofed structures by PAC, The Rock Garden, and AL).

One poster per event per board no larger than 11 x 17 inches