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UW UnlearningSociety
Winter 2021

We are a non-profit South-Asian publication that focuses on societal issues within the community. Students at Waterloo will get the opportunity to creatively express themselves through the events that we have planned out which aims at showcasing their work. It will be a safe space for the South-Asian community present on campus to freely express their thoughts without any constraints as long as it does not offend anyone. We will also provide resources and aid for those who want to contribute to the club whether it is for any written or artwork.

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Winter 2021

UW VR is canada's first University based Virtual Reality club. It is dedicated to promoting the different applications of VR, the development of VR content and making it accessible to the general uwaterloo student body by holding various events and projects.

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UW World Vision
Winter 2021

UW World Vision is the official university chapter of World Vision Canada, committed to advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable in the world. We raise awareness for the most pressing global issues and fundraise for relief and development projects aimed to create lasting change in the lives of children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We invite students of all interests, backgrounds, and skills to take part in the global fight for human rights and equality.

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UW Young Greens
Spring 2020

The UW Young Greens is a University of Waterloo club for those interested in learning more about the Green Party of Canada, whether or not they are an active supporter. We hope to share the Green Party’s values with others, and discuss how they fit in with today's society. There will be events and discussions in tune with these values, promoting political conversation on campus and with the community.

The key values that the club will maintain are:

• Sustainability
• Social Justice
• Grassroots Democracy
• Nonviolence
• Decentralization
• Community-Based Economics
• Gender Equality/Feminism
• Diversity
• Personal and Global Responsibility
• Ecological Wisdom

(from the Green Party of Ontario)

We will be involved in local Green Party events and run workshops, skills training, social functions (think: Green Drinks!), and encourage discussion on political involvement for the benefit of the environment (And more!). If anyone has any fun ideas, please share!

Anyone is welcome to join, but there will be some student focus and only current UW students can vote!


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Visual Arts Club, UW
Fall 2020

Visual Arts Club promotes all types of mediums through various themes of expression. Open to all students. At the end of each term we run a Visual Arts show to display members' work. Meetings occur weekly.

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Spring 2019

We are a group of students on the Architecture campus who meet up to play volleyball and have a good time. UWSA Volleybuddies is open to students of all skill levels and new members are always welcome, no commitment necessary.

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WarmWorkers Waterloo
Winter 2020

WarmWorkers Waterloo is an initiative that focuses on transitioning homeless people in the Kitchener-Waterloo area from a cycle of dependency to an independent, self-sufficient lifestyle. This is done through events that raise awareness about the homeless population and events that raise funds which contribute directly to helping the homeless community (ie. funds are used to create packages that include hygiene based items such as toothbrushes, and outerwear such as gloves).

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Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community
Winter 2020

Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community (WCCC) is a chinese community at the heart of spiritual and intellectual activities. We gather every week to share our Catholic faith through bible sharing, topic discussions, personal reflections, and special communal prayer sessions. WCCC also provides a place for rest and support during times of crisis and happiness. There is currently no membership fee for joining WCCC.

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Waterloo Movie Watchers Club
Winter 2020

The Waterloo Movie Watchers club provides a medium where members watch and share appreciation for various types movies. We meet up once a week to watch a movie, critically analyze it and discuss it within the group. We recognize the importance of movies as a factor influencing culture and civilization as a whole. We meet every week to watch a movie as an entertainment, as well as a social gathering.

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Waterloo Music Club
Winter 2018

We are excited about listening to, practicing and performing music.
We play as much as we listen, and we listen as much as we play.
We’d love everyone to participate, regardless of skill level or music preferences.

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