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Young Liberals, UW
Fall 2019

The Young Liberals of Canada is the organization for progressive, politically-minded youth. The University of Waterloo Young Liberals, exists to help students, faculty and citizens get informed and engaged in Canadian politics. Our mission is to inform and inspire the next generation of political leaders in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and across Canada, and connect Canadian youth with the political process.

We strive to provide an inclusive environment where political opinions and ideas can be shared freely, and group members are given opportunities for active participation, personal growth, and leadership. We are affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, and believe in the liberal ideals of freedom, justice and equal opportunity for all Canadians.

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Youth Horizon
Spring 2019

We are a group of Students who believe that change actually stems from today’s youth. We want to prevent our youth from making the fundamental mistakes of life and encourage them to pursue and strive for a career in their interest. We work together as a team to reach out to the youth through involving them in events, activities and projects that would assist in their personal and skill development. This term our first step is to encourage young artists to submit their creations to be posted on our club website and bimonthly newsletters. We want to provide interested youth the opportunity to showcase their talents while raising awareness in the importance of our youth.

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Yugioh Club
Winter 2020

Yugioh club is here for you to play, learn about Yugioh in both casual and competitive environments, though teaching, trading cards and having duels.

We have weekly meetups to play Yugioh and trade, as well as support for newer players to play, including test decks and coaching.

We encourage our members to attend local tournaments as well as larger Konami-sanctioned events such as regional and YCS'.


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